Superior Drummer 3 Presets

Superior Drummer 3 Presets


No additional processing! Only a few clicks to get a professional album-ready drums sound!

Progressive Metal & Djent Drums II - 4 Presets PackKillswitch Engage KitEssential Core Collection for Superior Drummer 3Progressive Metal / Djent Drums - 4 Presets UPDATE BundlePearl Giant Kit

Superior Drummer 3 Presets


Superior Drummer 3 Presets in this category use only the CORE library. Thus, you don't need any additional SDX/EZX libraries.

Explore CORE library presets

Reasons to buy my Superior Drummer 3 presets:

I'm an active drummer. I know what I'm doing
I have more than 12 years of experience with mixing (not only) drums
Working with my presets is very simple. No complicated setup or routing to DAW
Doesn't matter which DAW you use
Presets are mixed 100% inside Superior Drummer 3. You don't need any third-party plugins
Works in the standalone Superior Drummer 3 app too (no DAW needed)
Works great with your e-drums


I have unlimited possibilities to create your drum sound. I will use all rock and metal Toontack SDX / EZX libraries available at this time. Just say what you're looking for and I'll do it.

I use the latest industry-standard in MIDI drums programming - the new Superior Drummer 3 from Toontrack.

You will get one SD3P file (preset). 100% mixing is done inside the Superior Drummer 3, so no more plugins are needed. You do not even need DAW. All of my presets also work in the standalone version of Superior Drummer 3. Just load the preset and enjoy professionally sounding drums. Presets also work great with your e-drums.

Libraries can also be combined in any way and create a unique, original sounding preset. Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 is a very robust software. The possibilities are endless.

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Great drums

Big punchy live sounding drums 👍👍

Awesome Sound!

I must say the "PRESETS ARE 100% MIX READY" Without a doubt the presets are just awesome, it sounds powerful, punchy, on the face, fat and also it has depth.
Essential Rock Collection for Superior Druumer 3 sound big and massive. I am really happy with the sound of all the presets I bought so far and I am looking forward to buy some more near future. Big Thank you!

Progressive Metal / Djent Drums - 4 Presets UPDATE Bundle

Artist Pack Vol.1 Neural DSP Quad Cortex

The Artist Pack is very good. If you can add Sweden's old school death metal band (entombed, dismember...) The default is even more perfect !

Awesome tight Preset

I'm always happy with the Superior drummer presets from this company and this one is no exception.

Great Presets

I like what you’ve done with these presets, they’re ready to go. Great presence in my mix brings the Superior 3 kits alive with a tremendous amount of authority.
Saves me a ton of time.


Progressive Metal & Djent Drums II - 4 Presets Pack

Yamaha Giant Kit
Andrew Bishop
Toontrack should hire this guy

What can I say I’ve been messing around with the software for a long time and hitting dead ends. Purchased a few packs including this one and it is game changing

Tone searcher

I found that tone I was looking for in this pack, I have the Hell pack too and there's 5 fave's in it too but the Metalforce II for my AXE 3 is a polished sound and Is my Go to for recording and I tried It on my FRFR setup, and wow haha just wow..!

Solway Firth
Estupendos Presets

Son unos Presets Magnificos, puedes encontrar en el catalogo el tipo de Bateria que necesites para tu Mezcla. Muy Profesional.

Amazing value

Access to pretty much everything including future releases? Absolute insanity! This has helped me immensely with metal mixes and hours of random writing fun, worth every penny.

Good purchase

Great sound and adaptable. Great work!

Powerful kit

As other presets, this works flawlessly in a modern metal mix. As always, you may have to tweak some here and there to accommodate the drums in your mix but the results are awesome. Thanks again, great job!

Fantastic - 5 stars

Fantastic.. changed my mixes completely. Love it

Awesome collection of presets for sd3

Mix ready presets with modern drum character. So heplful when trying to set a mix or composing. Really great, tons of fun. In adition, you switch your e-drum And Boom!, instant killer sounding. And almost The best of all, everything id done inside sd3 with no need of further plugins or anything else. Great Job!

The Glass Prison

Nice preset!!!

Americana Kit
Tobias Storbec
Very Good!!!

I love this Drum!

The Modern Rage
Awesome preset!!!

This preset is great!! Sounds incredible

A very useful sound!

Very tight sound, perfect for metal I think! Totally recommended! You need this :)

Best 3rd party presets ever!!!

I been a gigging musician for more than 30 years. I have owned a ton of amps. I have owned several Fractals, Hotone Ampero, Headrush and Roctron Prophesy. I currently have the Fractal Axe FX FM3. I have downloaded and been disappointed by so many patches I've lost count over the years on the various modelers I've owned. Not these! Right out of the box they are ridiculously good! All I did was add an in/out block and pick an included cab IR which are also ridiculously good. I use these IR's for everything now because its always an improvement!! These patches cover ANY heavy tones I might need. I'm told that there will be some mid gain and clean patches in the future. Can't wait for those to be released.

What a sound... amazing

5 stars

ly recommendBought the Metalforce presets and was impressed, so took the plunge and bought the Tonecraft Bundle. So many great ones and 8 scenes with each preset. Very thick gain, not fizzy or digital sounding. Very happy and as a musician for over 4 decades, I cannot tell the difference between these presets through my AX8 & JBLs and the real deal. I hardly play my tube amp(s). Using only my android phone, you can easily hear the brutal heaviness. Happy customer.

Huge, monstrous tones!

Thankfully, I was able to easily Import the cabs, and presets. From the moment I turned my volume on my guitar on I was impressed. In one word - "sick." No nasal, thin or digital sounds here, no way, this is ballsy, thick, but tight, mega hi gain. Realistic tube amp 4x12 closed back sound. Drop tuned? No issues, and pinch harmonics - so easy, anywhere on the neck. Very reasonably priced as well. I am definitely going to purchase more and highly recommend the MetalForce pack. Excellent job guys! Gear = Fractal AX8 through JBL monitors, PRS McCarty, & even though it's recorded with an android phone, you can still tell these tones are MONSTROUS!

It's worth it. Excellent sound!

I bought this bundle a week ago, and I still haven't tried everything. It's very inspiring.

5 starts — fantastic drum sound

Brilliant... the sound I have been looking for