Third Party Disclaimer

Notice Regarding Third-Party Trademarks

It is important for visitors and customers of Develop Device to be aware that any third-party entities or products mentioned, referenced, or implied on this website may possess trademarks that are legally registered to their respective owners. These entities and their products might not be affiliated with, associated with, or in partnership with Develop Device in any manner.

Purpose of Third-Party Product Citations

The mention of third-party product names on the Develop Device platform serves exclusively for the purpose of identifying the hardware or software utilized in the creation of our digital goods. This inclusion is critical for transparency and clarity regarding the tools and technologies employed in our production processes.

Clarification of Association and Endorsement

Any reference made to third-party names or products on this website should not be interpreted as an indication of a collaborative relationship or an endorsement by or of these entities. Such references are purely informational, aimed at delineating the equipment and software used in the crafting of Develop Device’s products.