Delivery Policy

Immediate Download Access and Account Management

When you make a purchase at Develop Device, you get instant access to your download links. An email with detailed information and direct links will also be sent to you. Additionally, you can find your purchases in your user account on the Develop Device website, where you’re allowed to download your files up to five times. If you hit this limit, just contact me directly with your order number, and I’ll assist you.

Inquiry and Refund Policy

If you don’t receive your download links, it’s crucial to reach out to me within one week of your purchase. After this period, products will be considered delivered, and refund requests won’t be possible.

Discount Policy

Develop Device follows a clear pricing policy. Discounts need to be applied at the time of purchase by entering the discount code during an ongoing promotion. Discounts cannot be applied after the purchase is completed. If you forget to use the code, unfortunately, you can't apply the discount retroactively or get a refund. I reserve the right to change or end discount promotions at any time.

Custom Services Delivery Timeline

At Develop Device, I offer custom services like DAW templates, digital modeler presets, and Superior Drummer 3 presets. Because these services are highly detailed and personalized, the delivery timeline can be up to two months or even longer, depending on my workload. This extended period ensures the highest quality and customization of your order. Please note that a longer delivery time is not a valid reason for a refund, especially if this information was available before placing your order. I appreciate your understanding and patience as I work to provide the best possible product to enhance your music production.

Express Delivery Option

For urgent needs, I offer an express delivery service at an additional cost. This service fast-tracks your project while maintaining high standards of quality and personalization. The fee for express delivery is double the original price of the item. The delivery time is much shorter than standard, but always depends on the scope and complexity of the work.

Completion Policy for Non-Communicative Customers

If there’s no communication for more than three months during a service project, the order will be considered fulfilled, and no refunds will be issued. This policy helps ensure that services progress efficiently and are completed on time, protecting both Develop Device and its clients.