It's very simple. You get all the products available and not just those. You will also get all future products that will be added later. No additional fees.

Example: Toontrack will announce Superior Drummer 4 in the future. You guessed it right - these presets will also be available as part of Lifetime Access.

The premixed template is ready for immediate use. You are prepared to write / record music immediately. Everything is clearly described, color-coded, routed, and mixed. If you already have your audio or MIDI tracks recorded, simply drag & drop them into the project.

These templates are for individuals who already have some experience with mixing and know the basic principles. That's why I do not recommend buying templates for people who are absolute beginners. My templates are designed to IMPROVE the results to the next level. It does not serve as a beginner's tutorial.

Every item is clearly described, or a screenshot with a list of the necessary plugins is included. Please read the descriptions very carefully! If you buy a product for which you do not have the required plugins, I can not give you any financial compensation or "exchange" for another. If possible, I use VST3 versions of 64-bit plugins. Always make sure you are using the current versions for all software.

Again, this information is always included in the product description. You ever need a full installation of the CORE library. Regardless of whether additional SDX / EZXs are required. I take it for granted that you have a CORE library installed because it is an integral part of Superior Drummer 3 itself. That's why I do not always mention the need for the CORE library.

No. The file format is completely different. The presets are in no way compatible with SD2.

Intel Core i5 or i7 is recommended or AMD equivalent. Consider the 8GB RAM as the absolute minimum. I would instead recommend 16GB RAM to make it work really smoothly. Some SD3 presets are really "large" for maximum sound quality and require a lot of RAM. I'm also using Solid-state drives to boost performance, but that's at your discretion.

Immediately after payment, you will receive a download link to your email. In the case of custom templates, delivery can take over a month or even more, due to my workload. More detailed information is provided in the description of individual products.

Develop Device is my post-production studio. I offer professional mixing, mastering, and reamping services.

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No, this is not possible. Develop Device products are non-tangible digital goods that can not be returned. Therefore, Develop Device do not offer any refunds after the purchase is completed.

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