Never again. Due to my enormous workload, I have decided to stop offering this service. Develop Device is one person and that person is me. I always pride myself on 100% quality of new products and careful updates and support for existing ones. In order for me to still be able to provide this, custom products will no longer be available.

There are software utilities for converting presets for Fractal units, but I do not recommend this method. From my own experience, it does not work reliably and the sound of the converted presets varies greatly. Sometimes I would almost say it's unusable and sounds terrible.

If you're looking for a reliable conversion, I can do it for you for a small fee. I own 4 Fractal units between which I can convert presets and ensure 100% functionality and sound quality.

More info here: https://developdevice.com/products/premium-preset-conversion-for-fractal-units

It is definitely not possible to say that my products are intended as a "beginner's guide". Develop Device products are intended more for individuals who already have some experience with mixing, they want to save time, focus on writing music and at the same time take the quality of mixing to the next level. Therefore, if you are a complete beginner, I cannot unequivocally recommend that you buy my products.

Every item is clearly described, or a screenshot with a list of the necessary plugins is included. Please read the descriptions very carefully! If you buy a product for which you do not have the required plugins, I can not give you any financial compensation or "exchange" for another. If possible, I use VST3 versions of 64-bit plugins. Always make sure you are using the current versions for all software.

Again, this information is always included in the product description. You ever need a full installation of the CORE library. Regardless of whether additional SDX / EZXs are required. I take it for granted that you have a CORE library installed because it is an integral part of Superior Drummer 3 itself. That's why I do not always mention the need for the CORE library.

No. The file format is completely different. The presets are in no way compatible with SD2.

You can download the files in the order details after logging in to your user account. You can download the files up to five times. If you have any problems downloading the files, please contact me.

I offer traditional mixing and mastering services rather sporadically. Contact me for more information and possible booking.

Intel Core i5 or i7 is recommended or AMD equivalent. Consider the 8GB RAM as the absolute minimum. I would instead recommend 16GB RAM to make it work really smoothly. Some Superior Drummer 3 presets are really "large" for maximum sound quality and require a lot of RAM. I'm also using Solid-state drives to boost performance, but that's at your discretion.

As for TONECRAFT products, I regularly update each relevant unit to the latest firmware.

In the vast majority of cases, and unless otherwise stated, you will receive download links for the products you have purchased immediately after paying for your order. More detailed information is provided in the description of individual products.

No, this is not possible. Develop Device products are non-tangible digital goods that can not be returned. Therefore, Develop Device do not offer any refunds after the purchase is completed.

People often ask me this question. I guess people think my first name is of Russian origin. The answer is NO, I am from the Czech Republic. The name Jaroslav is of Slavic origin and is used quite often in Central Europe.

The order can be paid only by payment methods that are available at the checkout. Please do not ask me over and over again for alternative payment methods. They are not and will not be available. If for known reasons you cannot pay with your PayPal or credit card, I cannot do anything about it. These rules are determined by the payment gateway provider.

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