Line 6 Helix Presets

Are you a musician looking for rock and metal tones for your Line 6 Helix? Look no further than my Develop Device Studio, where I create custom presets designed specifically for your Helix. You'll be able to dial in the perfect sound for any situation with my presets, whether you're playing live or recording in the studio. My presets will give you the power to take your music to the next level, from searing solos to crushing riffs. Don't settle for generic tones; let my Develop Device Studio bring out the best in your Line 6 Helix. Try out my presets today and see for yourself!


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Modern Metal Tone Bundle -  Line 6 Helix.
Modern Metal Tone Bundle Sale price€19.99
Revv Pack -  Line 6 Helix.
Revv Pack Sale price€24.99
RazorEdge for Line 6 Helix -  Line 6 Helix.
RazorEdge for Line 6 Helix Sale price€19.99
Develop Device Signature Tones for Line 6 Helix -  Line 6 Helix.
Cali Recto Pack -  Line 6 Helix.
Cali Recto Pack Sale price€24.99
Badonk Pack -  Line 6 Helix.
Badonk Pack Sale price€14.99
Nollytype Bass -  Line 6 Helix.
Nollytype Bass Sale price€7.99
Metalforce Pack -  Fractal Axe-Fx II / AX8 Presets.
Metalforce Pack Sale price€24.99
Panama Pack -  Line 6 Helix.
Panama Pack Sale price€14.99
Hell for Line 6 Helix -  Line 6 Helix.
Hell for Line 6 Helix Sale price€14.99


I thoroughly tune all drum presets on my professional Drum-tec kit for maximum dynamics and realism.


All products are regularly updated for 100% functionality with the latest software and hardware.


All hardware units for which I offer guitar and bass presets are a physical part of my Develop Device studio.