The 5 Best Double Bass Pedals: A Drummer's Guide

The 5 Best Double Bass Pedals: A Drummer's Guide - Develop Device


As a professional sound engineer and owner of Develop Device post-production studio, I know the importance of quality equipment. One piece of gear that often gets overlooked but is crucial for drummers is the double bass pedal. Whether you're into rock, metal, or any genre that requires intricate footwork, a reliable double bass pedal can make all the difference. Personally, I swear by the Pearl P-3002D Demon Direct Drive Double Pedal. So, let's dive into the top 5 double bass pedals that you should consider for your drum set.

1. Pearl P-3002D Demon Direct Drive Double Pedal

Why I Use It

  • Direct Drive System: Offers quick and smooth responsiveness.
  • Adjustability: Comes with customizable settings for personalized playing.
  • Durability: Built to last with high-quality materials.

As someone who specializes in rock and metal music, this pedal gives me the precision and speed I need. It's a professional-grade pedal that balances performance and durability, making it my go-to choice.

2. DW DWCP5002AD4 5000 Series Accelerator Double Bass Drum Pedal


  • Dual-bearing Spring Rocker: For added responsiveness.
  • Rubber Grip on Bass Pad: Ensures stability during intense sessions.
  • Nylon Carrying Bag: For easy transport.

This pedal is a bit more intense and is known for its exceptional craftsmanship. It's a great fit for drummers looking to take their footwork to the next level.

3. Tama HP910LWN Speed Cobra 910 Double Bass Drum Pedal


  • Longboard Footboard: Provides extra surface area for better control.
  • Cobra Coil Springs: For quicker pedal return.
  • Dual-Chain Drive Pedal: Ensures durability and smooth action.

This pedal is iconic in the drumming community and is especially popular among metal drummers for its speed and reliability.

4. Pearl P932 Longboard Double Bass Drum Pedal


  • Single Chain Drive System: Offers a balanced and smooth feel.
  • PowerShifter Longboards: For enhanced control and comfort.
  • Aluminum Die-cast Wheel: Adds to its durability.

This pedal is an excellent choice for those who are budget-conscious but still want a pedal that performs well.

5. DW DWCP9002 9000 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal


  • Infinite Adjustable Cam: Allows for more flexibility.
  • Dual-Chain Drive System: For added durability and smoothness.
  • High Price Tag: This is the pedal to splurge on if you're looking for top-of-the-line features.

Known as "The Splurge," this pedal is for those who want to invest in the best of the best.


Choosing the right double bass pedal can be a game-changer for your drumming experience. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro like me, investing in a quality double bass pedal is essential. From my personal favorite, the Pearl P-3002D Demon Direct Drive, to other top contenders, this list provides options for every drummer's needs.

Happy drumming!

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