Fractal Audio Unveils the Brand New FM3 Mk II TURBO!

Fractal Audio Unveils the Brand New FM3 Mk II TURBO! - Develop Device

Fractal Audio Systems has just announced the immediate availability of the FM3 Mark II Turbo, an advanced compact floor unit that takes the FM3 to the next level. The new model boasts a more than 10% boost in DSP power, allowing artists to create more intricate presets beyond the limits of the original FM3. In addition, the footswitch displays have been upgraded, offering double the height of individual characters in a bolder and more readable font.

Despite these enhancements, the FM3 Mark II Turbo maintains the same compact size, weight, and comprehensive feature list as the original, all for a direct retail price of just $1099.99. The forthcoming Firmware 7.0, currently in public beta, will add DynaCab™ technology for visually guided "mic-on-speaker" tone sculpting, new amp models, and more.

In response to high demand, a first-come-first-serve waitlist for the FM3 Mark II Turbo has been implemented in the USA and Canada. Global shipping to dealers will begin in a matter of weeks. For further details, please visit the official announcement.

Compatibility with Previous Model

For those who are already using the original Fractal FM3, I have some good news. The presets that I offer for the original Fractal FM3 are fully compatible with the new model. This means you can seamlessly transition to the new model without losing any of your favorite settings. You can check out the presets here.


The FM3 Mark II Turbo is a testament to Fractal Audio's continuous commitment to advancement. With more power and improved features, it offers musicians the opportunity to further explore and create their unique sound. Whether you're a current FM3 user or looking to invest in a high-quality compact floor unit, the FM3 Mark II Turbo is worth considering.

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