10 Tips for Creative Use of FabFilter Saturn 2 in Rock and Metal Mix

10 Tips for Creative Use of FabFilter Saturn 2 in Rock and Metal Mix - Develop Device

FabFilter Saturn 2 is a powerful multiband distortion, saturation, and tone shaping plugin that has become a go-to tool for audio engineers and producers in the rock and metal genres. Its versatility and user-friendly interface make it a must-have for achieving a polished, professional sound. In this article, we'll explore 10 creative tips to help you make the most of Saturn 2 in your rock and metal mixes.

  1. Multiband Distortion for Guitar Tones

Use Saturn 2's multiband capabilities to create rich and complex guitar tones. Apply different distortion types and drive amounts to individual frequency bands, allowing you to tailor your sound and achieve a balanced and harmonically rich result.

  1. Bass Saturation for Punch and Warmth

Add warmth and punch to your bass tracks by using gentle tape saturation or tube warmth. Experiment with the mix knob to blend the processed signal with the dry signal, maintaining the natural tone of the instrument while adding subtle harmonic content.

  1. Transient Enhancement for Drums

Use Saturn 2's envelope follower to enhance the attack and sustain of your drums. Apply subtle saturation to the transient and sustain portions of the sound separately, adding weight and presence without overpowering the mix.

  1. Vocal Excitement with Harmonic Distortion

Add excitement and presence to your vocal tracks by applying subtle harmonic distortion. Use the mix knob to blend the processed signal with the dry signal, achieving a natural yet enhanced vocal tone that cuts through the mix.

  1. Dynamic Control with Parallel Processing

Utilize Saturn 2's parallel processing capabilities to add dynamic control to your tracks. Blend processed and dry signals to maintain the original character of the instrument while adding warmth, distortion, or saturation to taste.

  1. Stereo Widening with Asymmetric Distortion

Create a sense of depth and space in your mix by using asymmetric distortion on stereo tracks. Apply different distortion types or amounts to the left and right channels, resulting in a wider and more immersive soundstage.

  1. Creative FX with Feedback and Modulation

Harness Saturn 2's feedback and modulation capabilities to create unique effects and textures. Experiment with the feedback amount, delay time, and modulation sources to craft anything from subtle warmth to aggressive, evolving soundscapes.

  1. Enhance Synths and Pads with Warm Saturation

Breathe new life into your synths and pads by applying warm saturation. Use Saturn 2's various saturation types to create lush, analog-style textures that sit well in your mix and add depth and character to your sound.

  1. Add Edge to Clean Guitars

Give your clean guitar tracks some extra bite by applying subtle distortion or saturation. Experiment with different distortion types and drive amounts to find the perfect balance between warmth and aggression, enhancing the guitar's presence in the mix without sacrificing its natural tone.

  1. Automate Parameters for Evolving Sounds

Make your tracks more dynamic and engaging by automating Saturn 2's parameters over time. Experiment with automating the drive, mix, feedback, and modulation settings to create evolving textures and tones that keep your mix fresh and exciting.


FabFilter Saturn 2 is an incredibly versatile and powerful plugin that can be used to enhance and shape the sound of rock and metal tracks in countless ways. By exploring these 10 creative tips, you'll be well on your way to harnessing the full potential of Saturn 2 in your mixes. Remember to experiment with the different distortion types, saturation modes, and modulation settings to find your own unique sound and make your tracks stand out in the crowded world of rock and metal music.

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