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Ultimate Metal Amps for Amplitube 5

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56 Premium Mix-Ready Metal Presets and Custom IRs for Amplitube 5

Great for progressive metal, djent and other hard, modern metal genres.

Pack included:

  • 56 hi-gain presets
  • 56 custom IRs created specifically for each amp

Presets can be perfectly combined. It works like a charm. Just use one preset for the left side and another for the right side. You will achieve an interesting effect and a larger stereo width.

Used amps:
Triple Rectifier (Preset 1-13)
VHandcraft 4 (Preset 14-25)
Mark IV (Preset 26-34)
Powerball (Preset 35-46)
Thunderverb 200 (Preset 47-56)

Sound samples:


Installation folders:

C:\Users\(USERNAME)\Documents\IK Multimedia\AmpliTube 5\Presets

C:\Users\(USERNAME)\Documents\IK Multimedia\AmpliTube 5\Custom IR

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