Gojira Xpansion

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🎸 Unleash the Beast with Gojira Xpansion: 20 Savage Cabinet IRs for Neural DSP Archetype: Gojira! 🤘

Hey there, rock and metal warriors! 🎧 Are you ready to take your tone to monstrous new heights? Strap in and prepare for the ride of your life with the Gojira Xpansion! 😈

This kickass collection includes 20 custom cabinet IRs designed specifically for the Neural DSP Archetype: Gojira amp sim plugin. Trust us, your tracks will never be the same. 🚀

What's in the Gojira Xpansion?

  • 20 WAV custom cabinet IRs 🔥


  • Neural DSP Archetype: Gojira 🦖

Usage and Installation: Once you grab this beastly expansion, you'll receive a folder of WAV cabinet IRs that are a perfect match for your Archetype: Gojira plugin. 🌋

Pro-tip: Combine the IRs for an Earth-Shattering Tone! 🌍💥 We highly recommend experimenting with different combinations of these IRs to find your own unique sound that'll make your tracks stand out like never before! 🎶

So, what are you waiting for? Level up your rock and metal game with the Gojira Xpansion and unleash your inner beast! 🐲🎚️

Don't forget to share your monstrous creations with the world and tag us in your brutal tracks! 🎸🔊

Get ready to slay, fellow metalheads! 🤘👹🤘

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