Djenty for Fractal FM3

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Fractal FM9 Compatibility

I created these presets on Fractal FM3, but I guarantee 100% functionality with Fractal FM9.

Tip for achieving optimal tone

For optimal tonal quality, ensure that the A/D Sensitivity is adjusted so that the input signal occasionally reaches the red LED on the device. This is the perfect setting, and now you're all set to make some great music!

🎸 Djenty for Fractal FM3: Unchain Your Progressive Metal Sound! 🎸

Are you inspired by progressive metal bands like Periphery, Monuments, Veil of Maya, and Tesseract? Get ready to unlock your true potential with the Djenty for Fractal FM3 pack - a collection of 20 presets (2 scenes each) created specifically for your Fractal FM3! 🤩

🔥 Crafted for Progressive Metal Lovers

These presets are designed to give you the razor-sharp, powerful tones characteristic of those groundbreaking bands. Your guitar will sound like it's destined for the prog metal hall of fame. 🎶

🎚️ 20 Deep-Tuned Presets & Custom Cabinet IRs

No more searching for the perfect combination! The Djenty for Fractal FM3 pack comes with 20 deep-tuned presets and custom cabinet IRs. Plug in and immerse yourself in the world of progressive metal tones. 🌐

🔊 FRFR Cabinet Compatibility

Djenty for Fractal FM3 is fully compatible with FRFR cabinets. Enjoy the uncompromised power and quality of these presets, pushing your sound to the limit. 🚀

⚙️ Hardware & Firmware Requirements

  • Hardware: Fractal FM3
  • Firmware: "Cygnus X-2" 6.00

🌟 In a nutshell, Djenty for Fractal FM3 is the ultimate tool for progressive metal enthusiasts! Elevate your guitar tone to the level of your favorite bands and create music that'll leave your audience in awe. 🎉

Don't miss out on the chance to achieve the sound you've always wanted. Get your hands on the Djenty for Fractal FM3 pack today! 🔥

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