DeathMatch for Quad Cortex

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Don't forget to include your Cortex Cloud nickname (text box on the cart page) and also follow my "DevelopDevice" profile. Once our profiles are linked, only then can I send neural captures to your QC unit. Sending neural captures through Cortex Cloud is a very manual process, so it may take some time to receive the files. I always do my best to make it as soon as possible.

A collection of 20 Neural Captures for Neural DSP Quad Cortex. If you like the bands Whitechapel, The Ghost Inside, Thy Art Is Murder, After the Burial, Knocked Loose, Gojira, and others like them, this pack is the obvious choice for you.

This pack contains 20 Neural Captures. Each of these album-ready neural captures includes an amp and cab combination as well as all the necessary post-production. Fully compatible with FRFR cabinets.

Hardware Requirements:
Neural DSP Quad Cortex

CorOs 1.4.0

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Customer Reviews

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Brandun Keck

It was a lot longer then 3 days ago. Death match is great thick and aggressive tones. Big fan