Brutal Death Metal

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This product can be purchased exclusively as part of the Superior Drummer 3 Preset Bundle for Death & Darkness SDX Vol. 1

Custom preset for Superior Drummer 3

If you have a clear vision of a drum sound or want to replicate an existing drum sound, THIS is the way to go.

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Required SDX / EZX Libraries

  • Death & Darkness SDX
Brutal Death Metal

💀 Experience the Ferocious Power of the Slaughter To Prevail with this Unparalleled Superior Drummer 3 Preset! 💀

Elevate your rock and metal music productions to unprecedented heights with our album-ready Superior Drummer 3 preset, meticulously crafted to capture the brutal, unrelenting drum sound of Slaughter To Prevail! 🥁

No additional plugins needed – enjoy the pure, relentless force of metal drumming right at your fingertips 🎛️

Expertly mixed 100% within the Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 software, this preset is compatible with any DAW or standalone Superior Drummer 3 app. Load the provided SD3P (project) file to unleash the fury of your drums with no complicated installation. It flawlessly integrates with your e-drums, empowering you to tap into the intense drumming experience effortlessly. One click, and you're on your way to an earth-shattering, awe-inspiring drum sound! 🎚️

Compatible DAWs: Any DAW that supports the Superior Drummer 3 plugin or standalone SD3

Required VST Instruments: Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 (Death & Darkness SDX)

VST Plugins: Absolutely none!

🔥 Unleash the savage power of Slaughter To Prevail-Inspired Drums with this Indispensable Superior Drummer 3 Preset! 🔥

Don't miss the opportunity to add this beastly drum preset to your collection. Transform your rock and metal productions with the unyielding intensity of Slaughter To Prevail-inspired drums, and prepare to leave your listeners in awe! 💀

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Superior Drummer 3 Presets

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By a Drummer, (Not Only) for Drummers

The Superior Drummer 3 presets from Develop Device Studio are created by an active drummer and professional sound engineer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. But let's let some world-famous artists do the talking.


Instantly Ready to Rock!

These presets are designed for easy and convenient use, with one-click access to a wide range of professional-grade drum sounds.


100% Mixed Inside SD3

The Superior Drummer 3 plugin is a powerful tool for creating professional-quality drum tracks, and the presets from Develop Device Studio are fully mixed within the plugin, eliminating the need for additional plugins or software.

Special care for e-drummers

Special Care for E-Drummers

The presets are specifically tuned for use with e-drums, providing a natural-sounding and feeling experience for e-drummers.

Arch Enemy / Nevermore

Jeff Loomis

"Presets for Superior Drummer 3 are pretty killer. Ready to go in matter of seconds to make my recordings sound punchy and very dynamic! Thanks Jaroslav for your awesome work!"

As I Lay Dying / Austrian Death Machine

Tim Lambesis

"Jaroslav helped me make a more efficient session that sounds clear and powerful, all while using less CPU than my original template. By combining elements of his templates and mine I was able to shape my Austrian Death Machine mixes into exactly what I was looking for. His drum templates in particular helped me see my mix from a new perspective, and it wouldn't sound nearly as good without him."

Guitarist / Composer / Producer

Paul Wardingham

"Develop Device drum presets have been an integral part of creating my music in recent years, Whether I’m in the demo stage or final mix stage, these mix ready presets are an essential launch pad to having fantastic sounding drums on my tracks."

Hollywood Undead

Charlie Scene

"Best presets and templates on the net. Changed the way I mix and brought my tracks to the next level. Thanks for everything, Jaroslav!"

Machine Head / Ill Niño

Ahrue Luster

"I've really enjoyed some of Jaroslav's templates and presets. I like to use them when I'm writing music. That way I can just jump into being creative and spend less time dialing in tones."

Producer / Engineer / Mixer (Nickelback, Shinedown, Daughtry, Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee/Motley Crue, Avril Lavigne...)

Chris Baseford

“I’ve been using Superior Drummer as my main drum sampler for a long time and Jaroslav’s presets are the best that I’ve heard!!”

Primal Fear / Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall

Magnus Karlsson

"Great sounding presets that saves me a lot of time when I produce and write music!"

The Algorithm

Rémi Gallego

"For months I have been searching for great sounding drum mixes, and Jaroslav’s presets are spot on with what I was looking for. Now I can just open the file and get creative right away."

The Amity Affliction

Dan Brown

"Heavy kicks, powerful snares, crystal clear toms, and sparkling cymbals! Jaroslav really knows what he's doing in the Metal/Rock world of drum sounds. I used to spend hours trying to get a drum sound I was happy with, now it takes only seconds!"