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Do you want to get some high-quality cabinet IRs for your guitar or bass? Take a look at my Develop Device Studio. I specialize in producing professional cabinet IRs that will elevate your sound to new heights. With years of experience and an eye for detail, I can create IRs that accurately capture the distinct personality of any cabinet. My cabinet IRs will give your recordings a polished, professional sound, whether you're a professional musician or just starting out. So why settle for mediocre IRs when the best are available?


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Gojira Xpansion -  Neural DSP Presets.
Gojira Xpansion Sale price€24.99
Tonecraft IR Pack III -  Cabinet IRs.
Tonecraft IR Pack III Sale price€69.99
Nolly Xpansion -  Neural DSP Presets.
Nolly Xpansion Sale price€24.99
DeathMatch IRs Pack -  Cabinet IRs.
DeathMatch IRs Pack Sale price€69.99
Petrucci Xpansion -  Neural DSP Presets.
Petrucci Xpansion Sale price€24.99
Nameless IRs -  Cabinet IRs.
Nameless IRs Sale price€14.99
MESSI IR Pack -  Cabinet IRs.
MESSI IR Pack Sale price€14.99
FILLA IR Pack -  Cabinet IRs.
FILLA IR Pack Sale price€14.99
Metallurgy Modern XPansion -  Line 6 Metallurgy Presets and IRs.
Metallurgy Modern XPansion Sale price€24.99
Tonecraft IR Pack II -  Cabinet IRs.
Tonecraft IR Pack II Sale price€24.99
Tonecraft IR Pack -  Cabinet IRs.
Tonecraft IR Pack Sale price€24.99


I thoroughly tune all drum presets on my professional Drum-tec kit for maximum dynamics and realism.


All products are regularly updated for 100% functionality with the latest software and hardware.


All hardware units for which I offer guitar and bass presets are a physical part of my Develop Device studio.