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🎧 Rapture: Unleash Your Creativity with a Complete FL Studio Project 🎧

Dive into the world of music production with Rapture, a fully loaded FL Studio 20 project featuring the epic 'RAPTURE' song. Explore the intricacies of mixing and mastering, and bring your own creative touch to this powerful track. 😎


  • Image-Line FL Studio 20

VST Instruments:

  • Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 (The Progressive Foundry SDX, CORE SDX)
  • NI Kontakt 5 Full (Impact Studios Avalanche Bass Pro Edition)
  • MusicLab RealEight
  • Synapse Dune 3

VST Plugins:

  • Neural DSP Fortin Nameless
  • Positive Grid BIAS Amp 2
  • Eventide Blackhole
  • FabFilter Pro-Q3
  • JST Clip
  • OEK Sound Soothe
  • IK Multimedia TR5 One

✨ What's Included? ✨ Get access to the entire FLP project file for the 'RAPTURE' song.

Enjoy and Happy Mixing! 😃 Unleash your creativity and embark on a musical journey with Rapture! Learn from the pros and enhance your mixing skills with this comprehensive FL Studio project. Happy mixing! 🎉

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