Petrucci Xpansion

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🌟 Introducing Petrucci Xpansion: The Ultimate Collection of Custom Cabinet IRs for Neural DSP Archetype: Petrucci 🎸

Elevate your guitar tones with the Petrucci Xpansion, a collection of 20 custom cabinet IRs designed exclusively for the Neural DSP Archetype: Petrucci amp sim plugin. Get ready to experience your guitar sound like never before! 🤘

🔊 Collection Includes: 🔊

  • 20 WAV custom cabinet IRs

📝 Requirements: 📝

  • Neural DSP Archetype: Petrucci

🛠️ Usage and Installation: 🛠️

Using the Petrucci Xpansion is a breeze! You'll receive a folder of WAV cabinet IRs specifically tailored for the Archetype: Petrucci plugin. To get the most out of these IRs, we highly recommend combining them for jaw-droppingly good tones. 🎶

🎚️ Unlock the Full Potential of Your Archetype: Petrucci Plugin 🎚️

Don't settle for less when it comes to your guitar sound. With the Petrucci Xpansion, you can take your Archetype: Petrucci plugin to new heights and achieve the rich, powerful tones you've always wanted. 😎

Get your hands on the Petrucci Xpansion today and experience the difference that these 20 custom cabinet IRs can make in your guitar tracks! 🚀

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