Friedman BE C45 Pack

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🎸 Friedman BE C45 Pack 🎸

Introducing the Friedman BE C45 Pack - a collection of 10 mix-ready presets for Fractal Axe-Fx II / AX8, along with 10 Custom IRs to elevate your guitar tones to the next level! 🌟

The pack includes:

  • 10 preset-cab bundles for Fractal AX8 🎛️
  • 10 preset-cab bundles for Fractal Axe-Fx II / II XL / II XL+ 🎚️
  • 10 WAV custom IRs for any software IR loader 🎧

🎼 Sound samples:

DI recordings were made using an inexpensive 8-string Jackson JS32-8Q guitar with stock components. At the end of each sample, you'll hear the guitar played separately. 🎸

🔧 Hardware Requirements:

  • FAS Axe-Fx II, II XL, II XL+ 🎹
  • FAS AX8 🎼

📋 Firmware:

  • Quantum v10.01 and up ⚙️

Bring the power of the Friedman BE C45 Pack to your guitar setup and achieve extraordinary sound quality with ease! 🚀 Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to unlock your full potential as a guitarist. Grab your pack today! 🌟

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