DFH Hybrid

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How to use Superior Drummer 3 Presets from Develop Device?

It's a breeze! No more digging through folders on your hard drive or fiddling with complex configurations. Simply launch Superior Drummer 3, navigate to the "File" menu, select "Open," and load the Superior Drummer 3 preset. Whether you're on a macOS or Windows machine, the process is identical. Get ready to jam!

Don't forget! You can't do without these SDX/EZX.

Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to a page where you can find out more about the SDX/EZX library and purchase it if you don't already have it.

DFH Hybrid: Unleash Your Inner Rockstar

Presenting the DFH Hybrid - the ultimate album-ready Superior Drummer 3 preset designed specifically for rock and metal productions. Get ready to impress with this high-quality, powerful sound that requires NO additional plugins. Simply load it up in your DAW or standalone Superior Drummer 3 app, and you're good to go!

Easy Installation & Compatibility

Forget about complicated installations! The DFH Hybrid comes as an SD3P (project) file that works seamlessly with any DAW compatible with Superior Drummer 3. Not only that, it's also a perfect match for your e-drums, giving you that one-click, mind-blowing sound!

DAW Compatibility:

  • Any DAW that can load Superior Drummer 3 plugin or standalone SD3

Required VST Instruments

To get the most out of DFH Hybrid, make sure you have the following VST instruments installed:

  1. Toontrack Superior Drummer 3
  2. Drumkit From Hell EZX
  3. Metal Machine EZX
  4. Drums of Destruction EZX

VST Plugins Required:

  • Absolutely None!

儭 100% Mixed Inside Superior Drummer 3 儭

DFH Hybrid has been expertly mixed 100% inside Superior Drummer 3 to deliver a polished, professional sound that's ready for your next rock or metal masterpiece. No need for additional VST plugins - just load up the preset and start rocking out!

Get your hands on the DFH Hybrid preset now and elevate your rock and metal productions to new heights!

The main reasons to use

Superior Drummer 3 Presets

by Develop Device Studio!

By a drummer, (not only) for drummers

The Superior Drummer 3 presets from Develop Device Studio are created by an active drummer and professional sound engineer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. But let's let some world-famous artists do the talking.

Instantly ready to rock!

These presets are designed for easy and convenient use, with one-click access to a wide range of professional-grade drum sounds.

100% mixed inside SD3

The Superior Drummer 3 plugin is a powerful tool for creating professional-quality drum tracks, and the presets from Develop Device Studio are fully mixed within the plugin, eliminating the need for additional plugins or software.

Special care for e-drummers

The presets are specifically tuned for use with e-drums, providing a natural-sounding and feeling experience for e-drummers.

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