Modern Metal Tone Bundle

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🤘 Dominate the Stage with the Modern Metal Tone Bundle 🤘

Transform your sound with the ultimate guitar and bass presets bundle for Line 6 Helix users! The Modern Metal Tone Bundle packs a powerful punch, perfect for musicians ready to make a statement 🎸🔥!

📦 Inside the bundle, you'll discover:

🔸 4 phenomenal guitar presets 🔸 1 earth-shaking bass preset 🔸 20 tailor-made custom IRs for endless creativity

📋 Presets lineup:

🔹 Modern Prog R-L (Rhythm left side) 🔹 Modern Prog R-R (Rhythm right side) 🔹 Modern Prog L-ST (Lead tone, stereo setup) 🔹 Modern Prog C-ST (Clean tone, stereo setup) 🔹 Modern Bass (Bass tone)

🎚️ Custom IR collection:

🔹 TONECRAFT Brit (1-4) 🔹 TONECRAFT Custom (1-5) 🔹 TONECRAFT Hybrid (1-4) 🔹 TONECRAFT Legacy (1-2) 🔹 TONECRAFT USA (1-5)

📌 To rock with this bundle, you'll need:
🔸 Line 6 Helix (or Helix Native Plugin)

Get inspired by the music of Alan Sacha Laskow 🎶:

Make your music come alive with the Modern Metal Tone Bundle and conquer the stage like never before! 🤘🌟😄

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