Mixing and Mastering

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How it works:

Step 1: Select Your Desired Package
Determine the number of songs you'd like to have professionally mixed and mastered.

Step 2: Secure Your Order
Confidently place your order and invest in elevating your music's sound.

Step 3: Personalized Consultation
Await my prompt follow-up as I reach out to discuss your project's specifics, ensuring your vision is fully realized.

Step 4: Effortless Track Submission
Seamlessly upload your high-quality tracks using the user-friendly platform.

Step 5: Expert Mixing & Mastering
Relax as I, your experienced audio engineer, meticulously refine your tracks, accentuating their unique essence.

Step 6: Experience Sonic Brilliance
Revel in the stunning sound of your professionally mixed and mastered tracks, ready to captivate listeners worldwide.

Develop Device




Out of Nowhere


Every Hour Kills


The Order Of The Gray


Steve Dadaian

Soul Connection (feat. Björn "Speed" Strid of Soilwork)


The Termination Proclamation (Instrumental Cover)

New Hate Form

Stories Repeat

I Versus Myself



Lost in pain


🎛 Expertise and Experience:

Jaroslav Holub, the mastermind behind Develop Device Studio, has an extensive background in music, technology, and production. With years of experience playing in bands, collaborating with big-name artists, and working on his own modern metal project, Jaro has the know-how to take your songs to the next level.

🎛 State-of-the-art Equipment:

Develop Device Studio is equipped with top-notch audio gear to ensure the highest quality sound for your modern rock and metal music. From expert mixing and mastering to custom DAW templates and versatile reamping options, you can trust that your tracks will benefit from the best equipment available.

🎛 Passion for Breaking Boundaries:

Jaro's commitment to pushing the limits of musical creativity is evident in his work. By choosing Develop Device Studio, you'll be collaborating with a passionate artist who is dedicated to delivering a unique sonic experience that captivates your audience and elevates your music.

🎛 Tailored to Modern Rock and Metal:

Develop Device Studio specializes in modern rock and metal music, ensuring that your tracks receive the focused attention and specialized treatment they deserve. With a deep understanding of the genre's nuances and intricacies, Jaro can help you create face-melting tunes that stand out in the industry.

🎛 One-stop-shop for Mixing and Mastering:

Develop Device Studio offers a comprehensive range of services designed to unleash the full potential of your music. From expert mixing and mastering to versatile reamping options and custom DAW templates, you'll have everything you need to bring your musical vision to life under one roof.