Essential Metal Pack for Fractal FM3

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Fractal FM9 Compatibility

I created these presets on Fractal FM3, but I guarantee 100% functionality with Fractal FM9.

Tip for achieving optimal tone

For optimal tonal quality, ensure that the A/D Sensitivity is adjusted so that the input signal occasionally reaches the red LED on the device. This is the perfect setting, and now you're all set to make some great music!

Introducing the Essential Metal Pack for Fractal FM3! 🎸🔥

Get ready to unleash the beast with the Essential Metal Pack for Fractal FM3 - a massive collection of 50 hard-hitting presets (2 scenes each) and 50 custom WAV IRs designed to fuel your sound and elevate your performance. 🤘🎛️

Unparalleled Tone Variety 🌟

This pack is your ultimate weapon for achieving that aggressive, modern metal sound you've always dreamed of! Each of the 50 presets has been deep-tuned and carefully crafted to deliver the perfect balance of distortion, clarity, and sustain. 🎚️🔊

FRFR Cabinet Compatibility ✅

Compatibility? No worries! The Essential Metal Pack is fully compatible with FRFR cabinets, giving you the flexibility to use your favorite speaker setup without any hassle. 📢💥

Hardware Requirements

To rock the Essential Metal Pack, all you need is your trusty Fractal FM3. Simply load the presets and IRs into your device and let the magic happen! 🧙‍♂️🎸


Designed to work seamlessly with the "Cygnus X-2" 6.00 firmware, the Essential Metal Pack ensures smooth performance and sound quality that will blow you away! 😲🔥

Take Your Metal Sound to the Next Level 🚀

Experience the power, flexibility, and unmatched tone variety the Essential Metal Pack for Fractal FM3 has to offer. Don't miss out on this incredible collection - it's time to elevate your metal game! 🤟💯

Get your hands on the Essential Metal Pack for Fractal FM3 now and start rocking like never before! 🎶🤩

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