Diezel VH4 Pack for Quad Cortex

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Important! Please read carefully:

Kindly enter your Cortex Cloud nickname in the designated space and ensure that you follow my "DevelopDevice" profile. Once our profiles are connected, I can transmit neural captures to your Quad Cortex. Since this process is entirely manual, please be patient as it may take a while for the files to arrive.

🎸 Diezel VH4 Pack for Quad Cortex: Experience Unrivaled Guitar Tone 🎸

Discover the Diezel VH4 Pack for Quad Cortex – an outstanding collection of 14 Neural Captures tailored specifically for Neural DSP Quad Cortex users. Elevate your sound and achieve the rich, powerful guitar tone you've always desired with this extraordinary pack! 🤘

🔥 Neural Captures List 🔥

The Diezel VH4 Pack is loaded with an impressive variety of Neural Captures:

DIRECT (without cab):

  • Dizz CH1 Direct
  • Dizz CH2 Direct
  • Dizz CH3 Direct
  • Dizz CH4 Direct

UNBOOSTED (with cab):

  • Dizz DL 4x12
  • Dizz BR 4x12
  • Dizz MB 4x12
  • Dizz OR 4x12
  • Dizz SU 4x12

BOOSTED (with cab):

  • Dizz DL 4x12 Boosted
  • Dizz BR 4x12 Boosted
  • Dizz MB 4x12 Boosted
  • Dizz OR 4x12 Boosted
  • Dizz SU 4x12 Boosted

🎧 Hardware Requirements 🎧

To fully enjoy the Diezel VH4 Pack, make sure you have the following hardware:

  1. Neural DSP Quad Cortex 🎸

Firmware Compatibility:

  • CorOS 2.0.1

💥 Elevate Your Guitar Sound 💥

The Diezel VH4 Pack for Quad Cortex offers an unparalleled sonic experience for guitarists. Unleash the full power of your Quad Cortex and create truly memorable rock and metal tracks! 🚀

Don't miss the chance to revolutionize your guitar tone – grab the Diezel VH4 Pack for Quad Cortex now! 🌟

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