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Easier installation and use of presets for Superior Drummer 3

Easier installation and use of presets for Superior Drummer 3 - Develop Device

Dear customers,

I have received many questions about the installation and use of the DRUMSCRAFT Superior Drummer 3 presets you have purchased from me.

Since the number one priority for me is to make everything simple to use, I have started using the SD3P format to store the entire Superior Drummer 3 preset.

What does this mean and what are the advantages?

By using the SD3P format I eliminate the need to copy anything anywhere, search for the right folder on the disk, or load the right SDX/EZX extension within the Superior Drummer 3 plugin.

You simply use the context menu (screenshot below) to load the Superior Drummer 3 preset. It doesn't matter if you're using macOS or Windows, it works the same on both platforms.

Save user preset (optional):

If you want to see your presets in the 'User Presets' menu, follow these steps (see screenshot).

1. Open your SD3P project, as described above.

2. Open the 'Drums and Mixer Presets' menu at the top right and select 'Save As ...'.

3. Name the preset and click 'Save'.

4. Open the 'Drums and Mixer Presets' menu again and click 'Rescan User Presets'.

5. Open the 'User Presets' menu where you can see your presets!

Recommendations before buying DRUMSCRAFT Superior Drummer 3 presets:

Make sure you have the complete CORE library installed - it's almost always used when creating my Superior Drummer 3 presets, regardless of whether it's mentioned in the product description. I assume you have the CORE library installed, given that it is an integral part of the plugin you purchased.

Always use up-to-date software! Make sure you have installed all updates through the Toontrack Product Manager.

Please, this is important! Read the product description very carefully. Many of the Superior Drummer 3 presets I've made use several SDX/EZX in combination. If you purchase presets and then find that you do not own the necessary extensions, I CANNOT provide any financial compensation or exchange for another item.

Also make sure you are using the appropriate hardware for the Superior Drummer 3 presets to work smoothly. First of all, RAM plays a huge role. 8 GB RAM is an absolute minimum. I recommend 16 GB RAM or more

I'm still improving the experience of using my products. I hope you enjoyed this update.

Have a beautiful day, and happy mixing! :)

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