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My name is Jaroslav Holub, I sound engineer, producer and musician. I am the founder and owner of the production and post-production music studio Develop Device based in Pilsen, Czech Republic.


I offer a comprehensive range of services for music production, mixing and mastering. I specialize only on the metal and its sub-genres. I'm not afraid to experiment and my main focus is that the result sounded modern and competitive, which nowadays is really needed.

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If you are among the musicians who sound solve by yourself you can use premixed templates that offer. The complete product range can be found below in the link.

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What I do


I work way “in the box” – that means, in short, that all the audio processing takes place in the PC, digital way, with the help of sound quality and highly realistic and advanced plugins or emulation.

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Imaginary icing on the cake! From me get the songs are added modern, compact and loud!

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As I am myself a musician, I always try to advise the band and bring to life more songs. Whether it’s before recording, while recording or after. I like to experiment with sound and my point is always the best and interesting result.

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Long gone are the times when he had to guitarist / bassist, and settle for one final sound of his recordings, which has already been given to the recording studio. Today’s modern technology makes it possible to solve audio term instruments up later. I use an high-priced, hardware processor AVID Eleven Rack, with the help of which I am able to set detailed and tweak the sound to your liking.

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Other Services

  • Drums replacement
  • Vocal correction
  • MIDI writing / editing
  • Arranging
  • ...and more
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Transfer Files

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When you send files, please use WeTransfer button and send to developdevicemusic@gmail.com

Please look through these directions before you do:

Please do not confuse editing and mixing. These are two different things. If you send the raw tracks that need to be edited before mixing, of course, extends the whole process = it will cost more money. Therefore, if possible, prepare the track so that they are directly ready for mixing. It means to remove noise, click, and other undesirable elements.

Make sure that all audio tracks dry. Without any effects, compressors, limiters, and so on. This is very important. Of course, make sure that none of the audio track does not sound anything over 0 db.

If you are working in a DAW Cubase or Pro Tools, it is also possible to send the packed project containing all audio tracks.

Please label all files with short names. Example: Kick in, Kick Out, Snare T, Snare B, Gtr L, Gtr R, Synth, FX ... etc.