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Premier Giant Kit

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Album-ready Superior Drummer 3 preset for rock/metal productions. Mixed 100% inside Superior Drummer 3. No additional plugins are required. Works in any DAW or standalone Superior Drummer 3 app. You will receive SD3P (project) file. No complicated installation. Also works great with your e-drums. One click - great sound!

Required SDX / EZX


VST instruments: 
Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 (Full CORE library)

VST Plugins:

Customer Reviews

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Jason Raskie
Excellent Presets - 1 Flaw that customers should know about...

I purchased the Premier Giant Kit and Rock Foundry CORE Hybrid | Superior Drummer 3 Presets. The mixes are absolutely amazing.

The one issue I did run into is that I have more drums as part of my kit. So I needed to add 2 more drums. When I did, the added drums do not get the applied mix settings (of the preset). So I'll have to manually dial that in.

Outside of that, great product.

Hey Jason. Thank you for your review!

What you describe is the natural feature of Toontrack software, not the problem in my presets. My presets work properly the way they're sold. If you add another drum to the kit or modify the preset in any other way, you must manually routing, mixing or doing additional cooperation. This is how Superior Drummer 3 works. I can't control it in any way.