DeathBlow for Fractal FM3

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Fractal FM9 Compatibility

I created these presets on Fractal FM3, but I guarantee 100% functionality with Fractal FM9.

Tip for achieving optimal tone

For optimal tonal quality, ensure that the A/D Sensitivity is adjusted so that the input signal occasionally reaches the red LED on the device. This is the perfect setting, and now you're all set to make some great music!

DeathBlow for Fractal FM3: Ignite Your Post-Hardcore Powerhouse

Elevate your post-hardcore and related genre productions with the DeathBlow for Fractal FM3 preset pack! This collection of 25 expertly designed presets (2 scenes each) will set your tracks ablaze and unleash your creative potential. 🎸🔥

✨ Key Features ✨

  • 🎚️ 25 Unique Presets: Precision-crafted for post-hardcore and similar genres.
  • 🌟 2 Scenes Per Preset: Dual scene configuration for maximum versatility.
  • 🌐 25 Custom IRs: Tailor-made impulse responses for a powerful, distinct sound.
  • 🔊 FRFR Cabinet Compatible: Fully optimized for use with FRFR speaker systems.
  • 🎛️ Easy Integration: Quickly load presets into your Fractal FM3 setup.

🔧 Hardware Requirements:

  • Fractal FM3

⚙️ Firmware:

  • "Cygnus X-2" 6.00

Unleash the fury within your post-hardcore productions with the DeathBlow for Fractal FM3 preset pack. These 25 deep-tuned presets and custom IRs will help you forge a sonic experience that's nothing short of explosive. 🤘🌪️

Equip yourself with the DeathBlow for Fractal FM3 and propel your post-hardcore sound to new heights! Don't wait—grab your pack today and let the musical rebellion begin! 🎸⚡

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