Price list


€ 219 / per song

  • The offer is valid for 3 songs or more
  • Mastering all songs included
  • DI guitars/bass reamping
  • Additional production (upon agreement)
  • 3 revisions included, each additional €40
  • Express delivery in all required formats


€ 249 / per song

  • Small projects up to 3 songs
  • 3 revisions included,  each additional €40
  • Express delivery in all required formats


€ 49 / per song

  • Classic one-track mastering
  • Stems mastering
  • Mastering for streaming services
  • Entering ISRC codes
  • DDP Image
  • WAVs 44.1/16 or other formats on request


according to difficulty

  • Reamping – € 69 / per song
  • Drum Editing – € 89 / per song
  • Guitar Editing – € 89 / per song
  • Vocal Editing – € 59 / per song
  • Vocal Pitch Correction – € 59 / per song

Additional information

Before beginning any work I always require a 50% advanced deposit on PayPal which is based on the estimated total amount. The remaining financial amount will be send BEFORE delivery of the final master (unless agreed otherwise in advance). If you have further questions, please contact me.

Export stems are not automatically included in mixing and mastering. This is a work that is for an extra charge. I’m charging 20 € / song.

All prices on this page are just estimated guidelines and might differ depending on work load. Don’t stare yourself blind on the numbers. If you think this is the right studio for you, please get in touch and we’ll work it out. I understand everyone has a different budget and needs…

…but thank you for not asking me to mix the first song for free. No one works for free. Me neither.