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Dream sound at your fingertips

Get a premium custom preset or template for any plugin, DAW or digital guitar modeler currently on the market!

Here is a description of each variant. You can order below on this page.



Please note: Currently it takes several months to make custom templates due to my workload. So order only if you really don't mind waiting a bit longer. After placing your order, you will be placed on a waitlist and I will do my best to get your preset or template ready as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

custom preset for superior drummer 3

I have unlimited possibilities to create your drum sound. I will use all rock and metal Toontack SDX / EZX libraries available at this time. Just say what you're looking for and I'll do it.

I use the latest industry-standard in MIDI drums programming - the new Superior Drummer 3 from Toontrack.

You will get one SD3P file (preset). 100% mixing is done inside the Superior Drummer 3, so no more plugins are needed. You do not even need DAW. All of my presets also work in the standalone version of Superior Drummer 3. Just load the preset and enjoy professionally sounding drums. Presets also work great with your e-drums.

Libraries can also be combined in any way and create a unique, original sounding preset. Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 is a very robust software. The possibilities are endless.

Custom Guitar & Bass Tone

Need to replicate the tone of your favorite guitarist or have an idea for your guitar sound?

Get custom presets/profiles for:
- Fractal Audio Axe-Fx III
- Fractal Audio FM9
- Fractal Audio FM3
- Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II
- Fractal Audio AX8
- Neural DSP Quad Cortex
- Line 6 Helix
- Line 6 HX Stomp
- Line 6 POD Go
- Kemper Head / Rack / Stage
- HoTone Ampero
- NUX MG-30

I always create custom presets with attention to precision and detail. The above hardware units are a physical part of my studio and are regularly updated to the latest firmware. This enables me to offer 100% support, compatibility, and above all, fidelity and quality of the resulting tone at all times. So these are by no means conversions using FracTool software and the like.

I can also make presets for any amp sim plugin on the market. For example, for all Neural DSP amp sims, Helix Native, Amplitube 5, Overload TH-U, Mercuriall amp sims, and more!

develop device
Custom DAW Template

How does it work:
1. Describe the sound you are looking for and make an order

2. We will discuss all the details in email communication. I create a private folder on Google Drive where you upload your DI / MIDI tracks. These will be used to create the template.

3. When the template is ready, you will receive a message and we will talk about the final sound if there were any adjustments.

I can do this for DAW:
- Cubase
- Reaper
- Studio One
- FL Studio
- Ableton Live
- Pro Tools
- Logic Pro
- NI Maschine 2 (with Maschine MK3 & Jam)

I can use any third-party VSTi or mixing plugins that are currently on the market. I will always request a list of plugins that you use to make everything work smoothly on your side.

Contact me

For further information and ordering please contact me.

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