Tonecraft Direct Vol. 1 for Kemper Profiler

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🔥 Tonecraft Direct Vol. 1 for Kemper Profiler: Experience the Power of Direct Profiles 🔥

Get ready to explore a diverse range of iconic guitar tones with the Tonecraft Direct Vol. 1 pack for Kemper Profiler. This collection features 8 direct profiles, capturing the essence of legendary amplifiers and delivering an unparalleled playing experience.

Pack Highlights:

  • 8 Kemper Direct Profiles
  • Compatible with Kemper Head, Rack, and Stage
  • Wide selection of iconic amplifiers

Amp List:

  1. EVH 5150 III
  2. Peavey Invective .120
  3. Friedman BE-100
  4. Mesa Boogie JP-2C
  5. Marshall JVM410
  6. Fryette Deliverance 60
  7. Orange Rockerverb 50 MKII
  8. Engl Savage 120

Note: IR Packs (MESSI | IR PACK and FILLA | IR PACK) can be purchased separately for added versatility.

Required Equipment:

  • Kemper Head / Rack / Stage with the current OS
  • Rig Manager
  • USB Stick

Take your Kemper to the next level with the Tonecraft Direct Vol. 1 for Kemper Profiler pack. Offering an impressive selection of direct profiles from some of the most sought-after amplifiers, this collection is perfect for those seeking to expand their tonal palette. Download now and start rocking with Tonecraft Direct Vol. 1! 🤘

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