Pop Punk Kit II

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You always need the latest version of Superior Drummer 3 and the appropriate SDX/EZX libraries! Please read the product description very carefully.

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🤘 Pop Punk Kit II: Unleash Your Inner Rockstar 🥁

Hey there, rock and metal musicians and producers! 😎 We've got the ultimate preset for your next head-banging, fist-pumping, crowd-surfing masterpiece: Pop Punk Kit II. This album-ready Superior Drummer 3 preset is perfect for rock/metal productions and will have your tracks sounding like a million bucks! 💰

No Extra Plugins Needed, Just Pure Punk Magic 🧙‍♂️ Mixed entirely within Superior Drummer 3, this bad boy requires ZERO additional plugins. That's right – no fuss, no muss! Works seamlessly in any DAW or the standalone Superior Drummer 3 app. All you need is the SD3P (project) file, and you're good to go! 🚀

Compatible with:

  • Any DAW that can load Superior Drummer 3 plugin
  • Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 (Pop Punk EZX)

No Complicated Installation – Just Plug and Play 🔌 No more wrestling with complex installations. Just one click and you've got instant great sound! Plus, it works amazingly with your e-drums, giving you that authentic punk sound you've been craving. 🥁

🌟 Key Features:

  • Album-ready Superior Drummer 3 preset for rock/metal productions
  • 100% mixed inside Superior Drummer 3 – no extra plugins required
  • Easy installation with the SD3P (project) file
  • E-drum compatibility for a killer sound
  • Works in any DAW or standalone Superior Drummer 3 app

Ready to rock your next project? 🎶 Get your hands on the Pop Punk Kit II and let the punk magic flow! 🤘

The main reasons to use

Superior Drummer 3 presets

by Develop Device Studio!

By a drummer, (not only) for drummers

The Superior Drummer 3 presets from Develop Device Studio are created by an active drummer and professional sound engineer with over 10 years of experience in the industry. But let's let some world-famous artists do the talking.

Instantly ready to rock!

These presets are designed for easy and convenient use, with one-click access to a wide range of professional-grade drum sounds.

100% mixed inside SD3

The Superior Drummer 3 plugin is a powerful tool for creating professional-quality drum tracks, and the presets from Develop Device Studio are fully mixed within the plugin, eliminating the need for additional plugins or software.

Special care for e-drummers

The presets are specifically tuned for use with e-drums, providing a natural-sounding and feeling experience for e-drummers.

How to use

Superior Drummer 3 presets from Develop Device?

It's a breeze! No more digging through folders on your hard drive or fiddling with complex configurations. Simply launch Superior Drummer 3, navigate to the "File" menu, select "Open," and load the Superior Drummer 3 preset. Whether you're on a macOS or Windows machine, the process is identical. Get ready to jam!

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