Metalforce for Quad Cortex

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Please fill in your Cortex Cloud nickname here and don't forget to follow my "DevelopDevice" profile. Only after our profiles are linked I will be able to send neural captures to your QC. As sending QC neural captures is a fully manual process, it may take some time to receive the files.

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🎸 Unleash Your Inner Metalhead with Metalforce for Quad Cortex 🤘

Introducing Metalforce for Quad Cortex, a collection of 20 versatile neural captures specifically designed for the Neural DSP Quad Cortex. This powerful capture pack covers modern rock, metal, djent, and other subgenres, ensuring you'll find the perfect tone for any performance!

Complete Signal Chain for Maximum Impact Each neural capture in this collection features a complete signal chain, including an overdrive pedal, amp, and cab. Experience ultimate compatibility with FRFR cabinets, creating a seamless and immersive sound.

Ready to Rock? 🎸 Here's What You Need:

  • Hardware: Neural DSP Quad Cortex
  • Firmware: CorOS 2.0.0

Don't wait any longer – grab the Metalforce for Quad Cortex today and start creating the metal sound you've always dreamed of! 🤘🔥

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