CyberNoise for Quad Cortex

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Please fill in your Cortex Cloud nickname here and don't forget to follow my "DevelopDevice" profile. Only after our profiles are linked I will be able to send neural captures to your QC. As sending QC neural captures is a fully manual process, it may take some time to receive the files.

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šŸŽø CyberNoise for Quad Cortex: Versatile Neural Captures for Modern Rock & Metal šŸ¤˜

Get ready to explore a world of sonic possibilities with CyberNoise for Neural DSP Quad Cortex! This collection of 25 neural captures is perfect for modern rock, metal, djent, and other subgenres. Experience the versatility and power of a complete signal chain in every capture, including overdrive pedal, amp, and cab. šŸŽ§

šŸ”„ Compatibility & Hardware Requirements: šŸ”„

  • Compatible with Neural DSP Quad Cortex
  • Firmware: CorOS 2.0.0

šŸŽ What's Inside the Pack: šŸŽ

  • 25 versatile neural captures
  • Complete signal chain (overdrive pedal, amp, and cab) in each capture
  • Fully compatible with FRFR cabinets

šŸŒŸ Sonic Versatility for Modern Rock & Metal šŸŒŸ

CyberNoise is designed to cater to a wide range of modern rock and metal styles, from crushing djent riffs to soaring lead tones. These 25 neural captures give you the freedom to experiment and find the perfect sound for your next live performance or studio recording. šŸŽšļø

šŸ”Š Complete Signal Chain in Every Capture šŸ”Š

Each neural capture in the CyberNoise pack contains a complete signal chain, including an overdrive pedal, amp, and cab. This ensures that you'll have a consistent, high-quality sound across all of your tones, making it easier than ever to achieve that professional sound you're after. šŸŽø

šŸš€ Elevate Your Sound with CyberNoise for Quad Cortex šŸš€

Don't settle for anything less than the most versatile, powerful tones for your Neural DSP Quad Cortex. Choose the CyberNoise neural capture pack and experience the difference that a complete signal chain and expertly crafted captures can make in your modern rock and metal productions. It's time to elevate your sound! šŸ¤˜

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