Develop Device
World-class mixing & mastering

In my professional, fully equipped Develop Device studio I specialize mainly in modern rock and metal music. I like to experiment and try to avoid stereotypes. I can not only mix and master your recordings professionally, but also help you with music production and give your tracks the energy and atmosphere you need.

The price for mixing and mastering of one song is 229 EUR*. I also offer the option to get mixing and mastering of the whole album (8 songs or more) for a fixed price of 1499 EUR*.

Develop Device
Reamping without compromise

Do you have DI tracks and are looking for the best sound for your guitar or bass recordings? The possibilities are endless in my Develop Device studio. I can reamp with tube amps as well as cutting edge digital units like the Axe-Fx III, Quad Cortex and more. Just tell me what tone you're looking for and I'll make it happen.

The price for reamping one song is 39 EUR*, no matter how many tracks it contains.

Develop Device

If you want to go further, have a specific idea of the sound, I can create an exclusive preset or DAW template just for you. Here's a list of the gear I use in my Develop Device studio. From this you can easily deduce what hardware or software I can offer you a custom preset or template for.

The price for a custom preset starts at 59 EUR*. These are individual presets for digital modellers or, for example, a preset for Superior Drummer 3.

Develop Device

I love drums. I have been drumming for more than 20 years. For the last 10 years I have specialized in MIDI drum production and post production. I offer full services in this field and also additionally audio track to MIDI conversion, e-drum consulting (module setup, mapping, purchasing advice, etc).

The price for a complete conversion of audio tracks to MIDI starts at 99 EUR*. It depends on the quality of the source tracks, the length and complexity of the song.

*European VAT taxes may be added, only if required by law in your country.