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really love this one. these IRs are good for modern metal.

Cool pack

... and thankfully not zillion bullshit ir-s wich you then have to sort for hours to find a decent one. Can you please tell me wich cabinet(s) where modeled with the Custom named irs? Those are my favorites, but no info:/

Hi, thanks for the review! I use a unique method for creating IRs. It involves generating sound through many parameters and EQ. I use a combination of the hardware I use in the studio to do this, and also an app I'm developing but not yet publicly available. For now I can't say more. In any case, I always prioritize the resulting sound over lengthy descriptions of things. :)


I do like the fact you changed cabs with tone match, it requires less work compared to match the cab with the preset! Love it!

Fantastic mix.

First time buyer here and I have to say this is a fantastic mix, love the snare sound in this one. Huge mix. Very happy.

For Djentleman

Great Djent Sounds, Ready to load and rock. Use it for Meshuggah and Leprous Sounds. 20 crunch Sounds with Delays for the Lead Tones. I dig it. Thx

Tonecraft IR Pack III

really good... i like these IRs but sound's low

Hi there,

thanks for the review. I always normalize the cabinet IRs to a lower volume so that there is sufficient headroom. If you can let me know how you use the IRs, I'll be happy to advise on a simple way to turn it up.



Sounds really great. Awesome!

This pack is very good.

You could probably get it all done with this set of presets. Advanced concepts in the blocks.

Friedman 18 C45 Pack for Fractal Axe-Fx III
. Very good group of settings

Managed to go over these finally and was impressed with the presets and some of block concepts used.

TC M4rk | Free Preset
Ramon Ruano
One of the Best

every time i play a DD preset and someone hears it they feel compelled to ask. and that tone?


Exactly what I was seeking for my deathcore tone needs.


This preset Crushes. Definitely packs a punch and the quality is Great. Good Job Develop Device


Metal machine is my favourite EZX, and this preset definitely makes the most of it. I've used it in several mixes already and I'll keep using it as my starting point. Thanks!

Hell for Fractal FM3
Opekine Dmitri
Best presets for metalheads!

Great set!

Develop Device Producer Pack for Kemper Profiler

Great! Gets you up and running quickly.

This is a really great idea, and gets you up and running quickly. Would love to see a similar thing for pro tools with superior drummer. Would be nice to have separate templates for the different expansions with plugin settings that compliment that particular expansion.

Foo Fighters Kit
miles cave
Foo Fighters Kit

Excellent sounding drums

Explosive Force II
Aaron Coker
Explosive Force 2

Perfect as always

About time

I've had the Toontrack stuff for a while now and get really good results on my own, however; I thought I'd try one of these presets and yeah Its better than anything I've ever put together, and has options that I dig, about time someone works this out for people like me, haha Thanks J

EZ Drummer 3 Logic

Sounds great!

Pop Punk Kit III
Great Present

Great Present

Plug and Play

No post processing needed.

Love it but I wish it was also on Reaper

I use this for my Studio One but I don't always use Studio One only if I need the sound from this template. I use Reaper a lot and this has been a deal breaker for me. I really don't want to switch DAW but I would definitely want this in Reaper.
Still a good GGD template to use!

Most easy way to a great sound

That an easy to use template with great sound. I would only wish there would be also vocals taken into account.


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