Diezel VH4 Pack for Quad Cortex

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Please fill in your Cortex Cloud nickname here and don't forget to follow my "DevelopDevice" profile. Only after our profiles are linked I will be able to send neural captures to your QC. As sending QC neural captures is a fully manual process, it may take some time to receive the files.

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Collection of 14 Neural Captures for Neural DSP Quad Cortex.

List of Neural Captures:

DIRECT (without cab):
Dizz CH1 Direct
Dizz CH2 Direct
Dizz CH3 Direct
Dizz CH4 Direct

UNBOOSTED (with cab):
Dizz DL 4x12
Dizz BR 4x12
Dizz MB 4x12
Dizz OR 4x12
Dizz SU 4x12

BOOSTED (with cab):
Dizz DL 4x12 Boosted
Dizz BR 4x12 Boosted
Dizz MB 4x12 Boosted
Dizz OR 4x12 Boosted
Dizz SU 4x12 Boosted

Hardware Requirements:
Neural DSP Quad Cortex

CorOs 1.4.0

Where can I find my purchased Neural Captures?

In the preset selection menu, scroll all the way down and open the "Shared with me" menu. That's where you'll find the neural captures I sent you. Once again, I remind you that sharing neural captures is a fully manual process, so the files are not visible immediately after purchase. I always try to send them as quickly as possible (due to time zone and such).

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