Artist Pack Vol.1 for Quad Cortex

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Please fill in your Cortex Cloud nickname here and don't forget to follow my "DevelopDevice" profile. Only after our profiles are linked I will be able to send neural captures to your QC. As sending QC neural captures is a fully manual process, it may take some time to receive the files.

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This pack contains 39 Quad Cortex neural captures of famous tones from your favorite metal bands. Ready for studio use and live performance. Also sounds great with FRFR cabinets.

All these neural captures contain a complete signal chain including overdrive pedal, amp and cab. 

Neural Captures list:

  1. Arch Enemy
  2. As I Lay Dying
  3. Asking Alexandria
  4. Avenged Sevenfold
  5. Belphegor
  6. Bullet For My Valentine
  7. Cannibal Corpse
  8. Carnifex
  9. Chimaira
  10. Daath
  11. Dark Tranquility
  12. Deicide
  13. DevilDriver
  14. Dimmu Borgir
  15. Disturbed
  16. Divine Heresy
  17. Down
  18. Dream Theater
  19. Dying Fetus
  20. Evile
  21. Exodus
  22. Fear Factory
  23. Firewind
  24. Godsmack
  25. Hexen
  26. In Flames
  27. Killswitch Engage
  28. Kreator
  29. Machine Head
  30. Manowar
  31. Mastodon
  32. Megadeth
  33. Napalm Death
  34. Pantera
  35. Paradise Lost
  36. Sepultura
  37. Slayer
  38. Stone Sour
  39. The Sorrow

Hardware Requirements:
Neural DSP Quad Cortex

CorOs 1.4.0

Where can I find my purchased Neural Captures?

In the preset selection menu, scroll all the way down and open the "Shared with me" menu. That's where you'll find the neural captures I sent you. Once again, I remind you that sharing neural captures is a fully manual process, so the files are not visible immediately after purchase. I always try to send them as quickly as possible (due to time zone and such).

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